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QuickBooks Company File Size Limitation (Pro/Premier/Enterprise)

Are you asking yourself “Why is QuickBooks slow?” If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses reach a point where their QuickBooks become too large and too slow, turning daily tasks into tediously slow chores.


QuickBooks company file limitations

There is a limit as to how much information can be stored within a QuickBooks company file.  Here is what Intuit says about company file size limits.

  • Pro/Premiere: Company file exceed 150Mb (max)
  • Enterprise: Company file exceeds 1GB (max)


What is the impact?

1) Connecting overloaded company files to eCC Desktop can result in an extended wait time for downloading data from QuickBooks by eCC Desktop.  

2) Adding additional data into a company file that has already reached its limit, can result in complete and unrecoverable data loss within the company file.

3) The database has become corrupted and you can’t seem to be able to fix it.  


What are the warning signs?

1) Reports taking up to 30 - 40 seconds to run

2) Item list has reached 14,500 entries

3) Vendor, Employees, Customers list has reached 14,500 entries

4) QuickBooks Database fragment is between 15 - 19 (Critical), 20 and above (Severe danger)


How to move forward?

Start a brand new company file.  It requires you to recreate all the opening balances and all your items lists (eg customers, vendors and inventories etc). This is a long and tedious process that can take hours and should only be handled by a trained Accountant/Bookkeeper or QuickBooks ProAdvisor that are trained in this process.