Acknowledgement And Undertaking

  1. That following re-registration and re-installation of the Software, the Software will only reside on a single computer and not on any additional computers, other than as expressly authorised by a multi-user version licence that the Licensee has purchased.
  2. That in the event that further re-registrations or re-installations of the Software are sought to be obtained by the Licensee, Reckon/QCOM may require further evidence to establish that the Software is being used as intended in accordance with the terms of the End User Licence Agreement. This may include, where Reckon/QCOM reasonably determines that it is required, an audit of hardware upon which the Software has been installed and is sought to be installed.
  3. That where Reckon/QCOM is not satisfied that a request for re-registration or further re-registration is in accordance with the terms of the End User Licence Agreement or I am otherwise in breach of the End User Licence Agreement, Reckon/QCOM reserves the right to refuse to re-register the Software or to implement a charge should Reckon/QCOM elect to re-register the Software.